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More Time To Do What You Do Best

The sheer volume of construction product information available can be overwhelming. Not to mention, how fragmented it is. Gathering this together and making sense is a huge task.

Hunting through countless manufacturer websites trying to find the information you need about a building product is not a good use of your valuable time and skills.

So image taking all of the hassle out of this process and having more time to do what you do best. What you enjoy...
  • Tick Designing
  • Tick Surveying
  • Tick Creating
  • Tick Building
  • Tick Delivering
We have designed SpecifiedBy from the ground up to help you spend less time searching for the information you need and more time shaping our built environment

Reduce Unbilled Hours

Spending hours hunting through manufacturer websites, researching building products is not why you got into the industry, and it’s also not going to earn you your fees.

So being able to search and compare thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers in one place, in the same structured format would save you a lot of time, right?

We work with both leading and niche manufacturers all over the UK and Europe, in order to bring you choice and convenience.

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Pinpoint the Best Products for Every Project

Ideally, products should be specified on the basis of being the best suited for a particular project, but identifying new products for every project can be overwhelming so you stick with what you know.

But what if you could identify products based on the requirements of a project just as easily as specifying something you’ve used before?

Smart Search allows you to quickly identify the best product for your needs, and create better buildings.

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Get Organised with Powerful Product Management

Over the course of a project, your product research generates a lot of information and you can easily lose track of what’s what. Then when you start a new project, you do it all again.

If you had a simple way to manage this research for each project, you could keep track of what’s being used and where, and have constant source to refer back to.

Store product information in projects.

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Get Information in the Format You Need

You want to have the best picture of how a product fits into your project, so you’ve got to pull together a variety of information before specifying.

If you could get all the CAD files, BIM objects, data sheets, sample specifications, case studies and more, all in one place, this would be a lot easier.

With this in mind, we spend a lot of time ensuring our product pages have as much information available as possible; sensibly organised, nicely formatted, and completely searchable.

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Avoid the Hard Sell from Manufacturers

We’ve all avoided contacting manufacturers because you know they’ll take it as a ‘green light’ to give you the hard sell.

Wouldn’t it be great to engage with manufacturers early in your design process, potentially enhancing the outcome of the project, without all the sales pressure?

Our built-in messaging allows you to start conversations and request more information about the products that interest you without the need for emails or phone calls.

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